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Santigold, Never Enough (from the deluxe edition of “Master Of My Make-Believe”)

I know it’s only May but I am positive this LP will be in at least my top 5 fave albums of 2012. And as the track-listing goes, geeeez do I have trouble picking my favorite jam from this album…because really there are no duds at all. Disparate Youth, God From The Machine, Never Enough, The Riot’s Gone, This Isn’t Our Parade, The Keepers, aye aye aye do I get the goosies from them. And on any given day because I’m so fickle and indecisive each one of them is a favorite. But because I can’t ever get enough of the perfection that is Santigold I’m gonna go with the bonus track “Never Enough.” It’s eargasmic like all of MOMMB.

Master Of My Make-Believe is out now!

This is the only album I’ve been listening to since Coachella.
Highly recommended as a fun, summer dance party album.

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